Monday, 31 August 2015

Rollins Band - Festival T99, Estádio Nacional, Cruz Quebrada, Oeiras, Portugal - 26.07.1999 (Flac)

One of the finest moment of my life :)

HUGE Thanks to ziggyswoon for sharing this one on Dime.

Source: Amplifier Technics SU-V500>Tuner Denon TU-460>Minidisk Deck Sony MDS JE-510


01. Illumination
02. On The Day
03. You Let Yourself Down
04. What Have I Got
05. Hotter and Hotter
06. Thinking Cap
07. Love is so Heavy
08. Hard
09. Are You Ready
10. Change It Up
11. Monster
12. Do It
13. Get Some Go Again
14. Side By Side
15. Interview

Concert broadcast by Antena3. Great show by Henry Rollins. This is my master and it was requested several times by dcr666 and finally here it is :-) I included a pre-show interview (the interviewer is a certified moron :-) ).

The recording sounds good but you will find some minor glitches but those are from the broadcast and not result of recording or transfer.
Enjoy and share


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