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Japan - Kaikan Duachi, Kyoto, Japan - 23.02.1981 (Flac)

Thanks to  NELLY1275GT and FBAUER for sharing this one on Dime.

Original Info File:


FM recording
from bootleg LP "Oriental Performance" > transferred to MAXELL UD I 90
transfer: Denon DR-M07 w/ Dolby B > Creative SoundBlaster II > wav 16bit/44.1kHz
editing: volume boost +6db, high hiss reduction w/ CoolEditPro


cd1 42:13
01. Burning Bridges 4:02
02. Swing 5:32
03. Gentlemen Take Polaroids 5:53 >
04. Alien 5:10 >
05. Rhodesia 5:43
06. Quiet Life 5:13
07. My New Career 3:52
08. Obscure Alternatives 6:41

cd2 44:32
01. Taking Islands In Africa 5:06
02. Methods Of Dance 6:00
03. Ain't That Peculiar 4:28
04. Sometimes I Feel So Low 3:31
05. Halloween 4:13
06. European Son 4:48
07. Life In Tokyo 6:03
08. Adolescent Sex 6:14
09. Automatic Gun 4:03

total time 86:45 min.

David Sylvian  - voc, guitar
Mick Karn  - bass  († 2011-01-04)
Steve Jansen  - drums
Richard Barbieri  - keys
Rob Dean  - guitar
David Rhodes  - guitar

cover artwork inside

note by NELLY1275GT:
Description courtesy of
"The source of this recording is not revealed on the CD sleeve, but it was an FM broadcast. The tracks have been re-mastered
for this release but unfortunately, where the LP is stereo, the CD is not. Overall this is quite good quality, but not up to the standard of Polaroid.
During European Son, David starts to sing the wrong lyrics but corrects himself halfway through. Burning Bridges and My New Career
have been edited from the tape so that the concert fits onto one CD.
I was told that the Kyoto 1981 bootleg is available in a red sleeve in a good quality, Japanese pressing."


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