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The Jesus And Mary Chain - The Glass House, Pomona, CA, USA - 13.08.2015 (Flac)

Thanks to mixter_ for taping and sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

"Psychocandy 30th Anniversary Tour"
August 13th, 2015

"The Second Coming Of The Jesus And Mary Chain"

Taper: mixter_

Shoutouts: To fellow tapers blg, eric and coolerluzi who were in attendence and my pal Alan for nabbing the set list.

Lineage / Equipment:

on rail / 10' from left ceiling stack / fob -> 6.7' h -> at933's (4.7k dt mod) cards -> naiant pipsqueak
pre (+4dB) -> edirol r09 (24/48) -> san disk extreme plus 32gb class 10 - 80mb/s -> reader -> audition 3.0 (minimal level adjust +1dB l / +2dB r - fades - normalization - de-clap process) -> har-bal 2.3 (slight e.q.) -> audition 3.0 (dither to 16/44.1) -> cd wave editor (track split) -> tlh (flac level 8, etc...) -> DIME -> you -> sense of enjoyment -> sharing is caring -> support the artist (yes) -XX convert to mp3 (no!!!)

K.I.L.L. = Keep It LossLess

Set 1
01 'Intro'
02 April Skies
03 Head On
04 Blues From A Gun
05 Some Candy Talking
06 Nine Million Rainy Days
07 Reverence
08 Upside Down
09 'Intermission'

10 Just Like Honey
11 The Living End
12 Taste The Floor
13 The Hardest Walk
14 Cut Dead
15 In A Hole
16 Taste Of Cindy
17 Never Understand
18 Inside Me
19 Sowing Seeds
20 My Little Underground
21 You Trip Me Up
22 Something’s Wrong
23 It’s So Hard*

Time: 01:14:50

* sung by Jim

The Band:

Jim Reid: Vocals
William Reid: Lead Guitar, Distortion
Mark Crozer: Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Phil King: Bass, Backing Vocals
Brian Young: Drums

The band / history:

O.K. So much has been said about The Mary Chain's second reunion; now some eight years on. Their output during this time has been rather spartan to say the least; one song, "All Things Must Pass". Believe me I'm not complaining.
This time around they finally brought their "Performing Psychocandy In It's Entirety" Tour to Southern California some three months after their two night stop in San Francisco. Last May I was left bewildered as to why they didn't play L.A. during the spring tour. Then I realized that they were scheduled to play LA's "Fuck Yeah Fest" or simply FYF (so people could download their passes at work I suppose). Wait a minute. Do people still use printers? I digress.
Goldenvoice (read: AEG) has turned the festival into mini Coachella. So there's all the communication moratorium bullshit around the coveted "sideshows". The band had originally listed a show at The Fonda on Friday, August 21st.
It later mysteriously disappeared as many, myself included, inquired about a ticket link on the band's facebook page. Two (yet to sell out) shows were finally put on sale only after this Glass House show sold out in a mere two hours.

Fast forward to now. The band played to a capacity (750 or so) crowd in a venue that could only politely be described as sweltering as the temps outside were in the cool 105's during the day and in the upper 80's when the band took the stage at 10 o'clock. The rocket scientists who manage The Glass House invariably decided to fire up the AC at 4 PM during load in. The band seemed to take it in stride as they performed an incindiary feedback-laden set to match the triple digit temps. Not to be outdone by his older brother, even Jim's mic was prone to (I'm sure unintentional) feedback at times. Hence the minus.

Psychocandy holds a warm fuzztoney spot in my heart as it was released on my 20th birthday. I won't go so far as to say it was like nothing I've ever heard before (read: Metal Machine Music). Still, The Beach Boys meets The Velvets delivery by the Brothers Reid was at the time very unique, only to be emulated by two dozen more bands that followed and ernestly looked downward while playing. To see the album played completely was a nice treat. I never really expected the unexpected as my two copies of "Barrowlands" (RSD and the boxset - you got me guys!) have been played many times in
addition to all of the shows posted on Dime. "Nine Million Rainy Days" from 1987's Darklands was a welcome addition to the set. The irony of which was not lost on me as this state hasn't had even nine such days over the past two years.

This show had all the elements of a classic Mary Chain sans the fighting, bitching and bickering from the siblings. Fear not, a small fight did break out in the audience as a few "my mommy says I'm special" entitled assholes pushed their way to the rail, dispatching those that had waited in line since 5 o'clock, outside, in the sun. A "No. Fuck. You." fest broke out between the two parties during the set break. Thankfully, shit got sorted before the band returned to kickoff Psychocandy's opener "Just Like Honey". If you listen intently you can hear the altercation in the background.

Surprisingly, the band seemed pretty well rehearsed throughout. For those keeping score... Ex-Lusher Phil now plays bass again and Mark plays rhythm guitar. Not sure what happened to drummer-then-guitarist, John Moore who played with the band when I last saw them three years ago.

The recording:

I decided to set up shop exactly where I was for Lord Huron the month prior with similar results (fortunately). The band played ferociously loud for nearly 90 minutes. The recording is pretty well balanced. Jim's vocal's are somewhere in the middle of the mix. There is very little in the way of crowd noise. Minor amounts of clapping and cheering between the songs only.

"Sometimes the taping gods are on your shoulders" - Coolerluzi

Of note:

The crew changed out the set list three times before the band took the stage. I was very happy with the final selection as I got to hear "April Skies" which was nixed from the Hollywood Park show three years ago and personal fav "Blues From A Gun" which hasn't been played at the other Psychocandy shows. Also, not sure who sang bv on "Honey". You could barely hear her
anyway. At one point Jim accidentally drops his mic at the end of "You Trip Me Up" only to apologize. A kindler, gentler Mary Chain, perhaps? Certainly not gentler! One guy remarks at the very end "that they used to cause riots". Well not tonight. Maybe it was just too fucking hot!

Please support the band:

Buy a cool vintage T-shirt or the Psychocandy beach tote.
See them before shit goes south again!



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  1. thank you so much. I have always and will always love this band. I remember feeling like a badass in high school wearing my honey's dead shirt.