Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Talk Talk - Plaza Mayor, Salamanca, Spain - 10.09.1986 (Flac)

 Excellent sound. Thanks to Harmonizer09 for sharing.

Original Info File:

Bootleg : "Live in Spain 1986"
Support : CDs Silver
Num. cat. : Immortal IMA 104263
Performance : Live
Source : Audio from the Complete ProShot Broadcast

Silver CDS -> Nero -> Trader's Little Helper -> FLAC8 -> 2U


Set List:

01 Talk Talk
02 Dum Dum Girl
03 Call it the Night Boy
04 Tomorrow Started
05 My Foolish Friend
06 Life Is What You Make It
07 Mirror Man
08 Does Caroline Know?
09 It's You
10 Living In Another World
11 Give It Up
12 It's My Life
13 Such a Shame
14 Renée

The Band enhanced by Guest Players:

Mark Hollis: Vocals
Paul Webb: Bass
Lee Harris: Drums
John Turnbull: Guitar
Rupert Black: Keyboards
Ian Curnow: Keyboards
Phil Reis: Percussion
Leroy Williams: Percussion
Mark Feltham: Harmonica

Rating: 5 stars.

"Immortal" is a very malicious/wicked french bootleg company so you can find for instance their products in cultural dedicated areas of some French supermarkets.
The other particularity of this label is always to propose the DVD & The CD of the same gig.
You can find an exhaustive list of their products on Discogs.
I don't remember to have seen these bootlegs on DIME but I may be wrong.

That's all folks!




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