Sunday, 3 June 2018

RE-UPLOAD: Rollins Band - Barrowlands, Glasgow, Scotland - 10.03.1992 (Flac)

Very good sound. Huge Thanks to sam1 for sending me the files to post here. Unfortunately I don't have the setlist, so if someone could help with it,I would be thankful. The set consists of 9 songs.


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  1. This is actually a six song show;
    01 Low Self Opinion
    02 Tearing
    03 Almost Real
    04 Another Life
    05 Obscene
    06 Just Like You

    01 & 02 are OK.
    03 + 04 are "Almost Real"
    05 and the first two minutes of track 6 are "Another Life"
    The remainder of 6 and the first 04:20 of track 7 are "Obscene"
    The remainder of 7 through to the end of 9 are "Just Like You"

    I went to this gig but circumstances made me miss Rollins. They were supporting Red Hot Chili Peppers at this show and all the songs are from the recently released "End OF Silence" LP. After 26 years I can now at least hear Henry's set. Thanks very much!