Tuesday, 12 June 2018

New Order - OGR (Officine Grandi Riparazioni), Turin, Italy - 05.05.2018 (Flac)

As requested. Thanks to doublec for sharing on Dime.

--- 16-bit version ---

source:     AUD (see location below) > Church Audio CA-14 Cardioids > Church Audio battery box >
        > Edirol R-09 (24-bit/48.0 kHz, LINE-IN, rec. level 30/30) > SDHC Panasonic RP-SDM04G
location:     15 m from stage, centered, hat-mounted mic
transfer:     SDHC Panasonic RP-SDM04G > HD > Audacity 2.1.2 (editing, see below) >
        > CD Wave 1.98 (track splitting) > r8brain 1.9 (44.1 kHz resampling/very high quality 16-bit dithering) >
        > TLH (level 8 compression) > FLAC
generation:     master (no optical media extraction)
taper:         Giuseppe Pastorelli [G.P.] (doublec)


01 [04:36] Elegia
02 [05:31] Who's Joe?
03 [04:59] Dream Attack
04 [03:46] Disorder
05 [04:21] Ultraviolence
06 [05:22] Behind Closed Doors
07 [04:45] All Day Long
08 [06:00] Shellshock
09 [05:51] Guilt Is A Useless Emotion
10 [06:47] Subculture
11 [05:49] Bizarre Love Triangle
12 [05:46] Vanishing Point
13 [07:32] Plastic
14 [02:29] *** encore break ***


15 [05:50] Times Change
16 [06:43] Your Silent Face
17 [07:34] Decades

Total running time     [1:33:50]
WAV 16-bit         947 MB
FLAC 16-bit        556 MB

Tape story:
The venue is a very good new exposition/concert area in Turin (a former industrial facility)
I arrived early so I could locate myself in a central position about 15 m from the stage
The recording is very good with occasional isolated clapping (and, of course, many clapping of the whole audience)

What about the show?
It was my second New Order concert. The previous one (also taped) was in Milan (2012)
This was the first time the original MIF 2017 show was "exported" outside the Old Granada Studios
The concert has its proper name: "Math symbol for sum"(No,12k,Lg,18Ogr) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes...
"No" is for New Order, "12k" is for synthesisers orchestra of 12 elements, "Lg" is for Liam Gillick (visual artist) and "18Ogr" is for OGR Turin 2018
Elegia and Times Change were performed by the synthesisers orchestra only (Times Change was an instrumental version)
A fantastic show with all New Order periods represented (except the Movement era) and also 2 Joy Division's tracks

Technical notes:
- The total running time of the recording was 2:14:54; I have cut the first 37:10 mins (before the gig) and the last 3:54 secs (hoping for a 2nd encore) reducing the master to 1:33:50
- I have balanced part of the recording (possible PA problems), amplified both channels (+2.0 dB), slightly compressed (-12 dB/2.0:1) the whole recording and faded-out the last 10 secs
- If you burn to audio CD, you will need 2 CDs (CD1: 01-10; CD2: 11-17)

Please do not sell nor convert to mp3 for distribution (mp3 only for personal use!)
Feel free to share in the way you prefer, but please share this fileset as originally torrented (so preserve file integrity!)

First seeded by doublec @ DIME on 2018-05-07


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