Friday, 27 March 2020

The Sisters Of Mercy - Forum Melbourne, Australia - 31.10.2019 (Flac)

A 2019 recording with some of the new tracks. Thanks to Blackout1 for sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

Taper: Blackout
Position - Floor - 7m from Right Stack directly in front of stack
Source: Church Audio Mics - Church Audio Preamp STC9000 - iphone 16bit Stereo wav - Sound Forge FLAC
Type: Audience (AUD)
md5: Trader's Little Helper >

Tracks 01-16

01 More + Ribbons
02 Crash and Burn + Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
03 No Time to Cry + Alice
04 Show Me on the Doll
05 Dominion/Mother Russia
06 Marian
07 Better Reptile
08 First and Last and Always
09 the still unnamed instrumental
10 Something Fast
11 I Was Wrong
12 Flood II


13 Lucretia My Reflection
14 Vision Thing
15 Temple of Love
16 This Corrosion

Everyone who was anyone was at this gig. Saw nearly every record shop owner in town there! and a lot of Melbourne band members. Of course, a lottt of black.
Standing in a nice sweet spot with the Church Audio mics firing with a clean shot straight at the right stack with balanced bass. Took my bulky Church Audio preamp for this one as theres not much in the way of security at the door checking so i didnt need to go too stealth. Kinda helped the recording. Vocal was all over the place in the mix, verses were classic Sisters where you cant hear a thing over the guitars and then the choruses were too loud. Kinda their style really. ie crap mixing.
A nice clean recording with no talking from yours truely. Honestly i was not blown away by the gig as there was no drummer so not a lot of vibe on stage, just a Wally Wood-duck dood nodding his head up the back of the stage behind his two apple laptop screens looking like he was checking his email for the whole gig. I suppose he was "doin the drums". You can tell from the recording that theres no live drums. The snares lack that "live punch" and overall it sounds like the album playing in the background. Some great songs tho overall.



  1. Excellent show...!!! Thanks...!!!

  2. thanks for the post, bit harsh comment of Davey he's a top bloke !!
    long shot but any chance of a re-up of the single all along the watchtower??