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The Slits - Acton White Hart, London, UK - 21.06.1978 (Flac)

Thanks to Egg_Crisis for letting post his rip here.

Original Info File:

Cassette (audience, unknown gen) > wav > Groove Mechanic (dehiss) > wav > Soundforge (slight eq to bring up the vocals a bit) > wav > CDWave (split tracks on sector boundaries) > wav > flac(6)

I received this cassette in a trade in 1991. Possibly not widely circulated?

After Typical Girls you can hear someone say "Look at that bloke behind you... he's got a microphone in his hand!"

As a bonus track I added the only song I have from their Screen On The Green gig (received in a trade probably around 1989/90). A free gig supporting the Sex Pistols. The person who recorded the Pistols recorded this one song by The Slits and then stopped the tape. Later his tape ran out before the Pistols had finished. This gig was only three weeks after their first ever gig, and is quite possibly the earliest recorded Slits material, and I just realised the 30th anniversary of the gig passed just a few days ago. Footage of the Pistols at Screen On The Green can be seen in The Punk Rock Movie. I wonder if Don Letts filmed any of The Slits that night.


01. F.M.
02. Vindictive
03. Love And Romance
04. Typical Girls
05. Vaseline
06. New Town
07. Femme Fatale
08. Instant Hit
09. So Tough
10. No.1 Enemy
11. Shoplifting
12. I Heard It Through The Grapevine

Length: 36:57

13. Vindictive (Screen On The Green, Islington, London, UK, 1977-04-03)

Length: 2:24

Lineup: Ari Up (vocals), Viv Albertine (guitar), Tessa Pollitt (bass), Palmolive (drums)


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