Saturday, 26 December 2015

The Slits - "Typical Girls" (PAL DVD)

Excellent compilation made by Egg_Crisis. HUGE Thank You to him for doing this and letting me share it here.

01. Punk Rock Movie (10:08)
--- Rehearsing: No. 1 Enemy, Slime, New Town (April/May 77) / On Clash tour bus (May 77)
--- Vaseline (Live, 1977) / On Clash tour bus (May 77)
--- New Town (Holland Park Comprehensive School, London, December 77)

02. Slime, So Tough, Vaseline (Vortex Club, London, 1977.07.15 or 1977.08.15) (Raw Energy, Dutch TV, 1978) (4:28)

03. Slits Pictures (Don Letts, 1979) (24:20)
--- Instant Hit, Spend Spend Spend, Getting changed in a shop window,
--- New Town, Typical Girls, Reggae club, Spend Spend Spend (live)

04. Instant Hit (Slits Pictures, better quality) (3:06)

05. Typical Girls (Slits Pictures, better quality) (2:28)

06. Spend Spend Spend (Szene, German TV, 1979) (3:15)

07. Typical Girls (live, unknown tv show, 1979) (2:34)

08. Interviews, Animal Space, I Heard it Through The Grapevine, Man Next Door (unknown venue, 1980) (Women In Rock documentary, 1981) (8:10)

09. Man Next Door (Berlin Tempodrom 19.6.81) (8:50)

10. Ari Up interview (Dancing In The Street: No Fun, BBC2, 3rd Aug 1996) (1:33)

Total: 68:52

Various VHS tapes > LG DVD/VCR combo > DVD-RW disc > TMPGenc DVD author(add chapters & menu,no re-encode) > VIDEO_TS folder

Video: MPEG2 Video 0x0 25fps 6556kbps [Video]
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch 256kbps [AC-3]

Video: MPEG2 Video 0x0 25fps 9641kbps [Video]
Audio: Dolby AC3 48000Hz 6ch 192kbps [AC-3]

The Tempodrom clip was downloaded from Dime. I've authored it into this DVD without re-encoding the original vob file, although I had to chop 2 frames off the end to prevent it from crashing when the track reached the end. I've included the original info file that came with it.

Tracks 1,4,5,8,9,10 are good/excellent.
Track 2: Colour is weird
Track 3: Some serious distortion in the picture in parts.
Track 6: Image isn't very sharp
Track 7: Nth generation, colour degraded to b&w

Track 2: They played the Vortex on 1977.07.15 and again on 1977.08.15 so it could be either of those two dates.

Track 3: The picture suffers from distortion in parts. It's watchable, and watching this is better than not seeing it at all! After authoring the DVD I discovered that most of the Don Letts movie is on youtube. If someone has a decent DVD copy get in touch!

Track 6: They dance around instead of lip-syncing to the song, perhaps in protest at not being allowed to play live!

Track 8: I originally thought this was from the Berlin Tempodrom gig until I saw the other clip, but when I compared them it isn't.  In the footage, Ari is wearing the dress that Neneh Cherry wears at the Tempodrom gig, and Neneh Cherry isn't present.  There are decent shots of the interior of the venue, maybe someone recognises it?  I'm thinking it's a European venue rather than a UK one.

Egg_Crisis, December 2015.


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