Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Ari Up - Winter Gardens, Blackpool, UK - 12.08.2006 (DVD)

Another Ari Up DVD sent to us by Anon to share here. Big Thank you to him and the original uploader.

Audio: Codec AC3 Bitrate 256 CBR
Video: Codec MPEG2 Resolution 720 x 576 Framerate 25.000 Bitrate 4379 Format PAL Aspect 4.3

(From GSPOT v2.70a)


Part One:
1. Conquer
2. Crew War
3. Typical Girls
4. Shoplifting
5. World of Grown-Ups
6. Fade Away
7. (Intro) Love and Romance-

Part Two:
8. -Love and Romance
9. Hated by Many, Loved by a Few
10. Police and Thieves
11. New Town
12. Allergic

Vocals: Ari Up (Ariane Forster)
Bass: Ira Heaps
Others: Unknown

Filmed by Mickie Rockchick & P.J.Peanutz.


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