Wednesday, 25 May 2016

RE-UPLOAD: Rome - Pinewood Stage, Great Island of Zarasas Lake, Zarasai, Lithuania - 24.08.2013 (Flac)

A request from Tom. Thanks to piktstevs for sharing on Dime.


 1. The Consolation of Man
 2. The Spanish Drummer
 3. Das Feuerordal
 4. To Teach Obedience
 5. Neue Erinnerung
 6. Swords to Rust - Hearts to Dust
 7. Unreleased song
 8. Seeds of Liberation
 9. Little Rebel Mine
10. Die Nelke
11. Unreleased song
12. Still Well

Total length: 49 min.

Jérôme Reuter – vocals, acoustic guitar
? – keyboard
? – percussion

Source: audience, about 7 meters from stage, equilateral triangle with the stacks

Approximate lineage: SP-CMC-8 (hc, low sens mod) > SP-SPSB-11 (no bass roll-off) > Tascam
DR-40 [mic-in, WAV 24-bit/48 kHz] > Amadeus Pro (channels balance, EQ, compression,
normalizing, tracking, fade in/out) > iZotope RX (cleaning up some unwanted sounds) >
Amadeus Pro (dithering/resampling to WAV 16-bit/44.1 kHz) > XLD (conversion to FLAC high

Recorded and mastered by piktstevs
Photo and artwork by piktstevs

This is a complete but surprisingly (or not) short performance of Luxembourgish neofolk,
etc. act. Rome were one of the headliners at the traditional open air celebration of the
last days of Summer. Mėnuo Juodaragis (Black-Horned Moon or MJR for short) is an
independent festival of contemporary Baltic culture and alternative music representing the
heritage of pagan tradition, post-folk currents and the vanguard of postmodern music. MJR
XVI took place on Great Island of Zarasas Lake, Northern Lithuania.
The beginning of the show evolved from soundchecking, so it fades in. At the middle of the
first song the sound improves, because I moved at the center position to the stage.
Overall the sound quality is good enough (8/10).
Rome played 3 unreleased songs, 2 of them Jérôme Reuter played solo as encore. I managed
to find only "Still Well" title. Btw, according to what Jérôme said in June 2013, these
songs could be the final songs of Rome: "In (…) upcoming album, I believe I have found the
perfect subject matter and sound for a goodbye. We’ll see."


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