Thursday, 28 July 2016

Editors - Queimodromo de Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal - 07.06.2016 (Flac 24/96)

Huge Thanks to Ziggy for sharing this one on Dime.

Source: AUD>Zoom H2  (WAV - 96 kHz / 24 bit) rear mics medium gain
Lineage: SD Card>WAV - 96 kHz / 24 bit Wave>Nero Wave Editor for EQ and Fade in and out>dbPoweramp Music Converter downsampling to wave 48 KHz/24 bit>Nero Wave Editor track cut>dbPoweramp Music Converter>FLAC


01. No Harm
02. Smokers Outside the Hospital Door
03. Sugar
04. LIAF
05. An End Has a Start
06. Fomaldehyde
07. Racing Rats
08. Forgiveness
09. Munich
10. A Ton of Love
11. Ocean of Night
12. The Pulse
13. Papillon
14. Marching Orders

First concert of the Year for Editors Tom mentioned it. This was maybe a good chance for Editors to play a rehearsal show before the tour starts (next friday the 13th in Barcelona). Indeed during part of the set it was obvious that they were getting the hang of it again (Tom fucked up during Formaldehyde) but nothing fell short of good. Well maybe the audience :-) the show was part of the student’s fest in Coimbra a city with a large academy and as you can imagine most of the audience was no more than drunk... There was not a large crowd when they started to play but in the end it was packed. It was not an easy show to tape because everybody enjoys a microphone when they see one and if they are drunk it is like they are attracted by the force... :-) still and finally i was able to record an Editors show (tried and failed 3 times) but it is not perfect. Even if i enjoy the final result it is noticeable the bass is a bit over the edge. I tried to work on it a bit but not much improvement was possible. But besides that everything is clear and well balanced. Of course there is a bit of crowd noise but nothing that will distract you. There is a drop out for seconds during Sugar but it was due to PA failure. The band kept playing because the stage sound was working.
A new song was played at this show The Pulse is a good song with a different twist to it i enjoyed it a lot.
Enjoy and share
Z :-)


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