Sunday, 17 July 2016

RE-UPLOAD: The Kills - Optimus Alive Festival, Algés, Portugal - 15.07.2012 (Flac)

Photo: Nuno Fontinha

Another concert from the Optimus Alive 2012, and this one was surely the highlight of the day. Only the Kills to keep the attention level up at the late hours that the concert was scheduled. Huge thanks to ziggyswoon for sharing his recording. Excellent sound.

Original Info File:

10 minutes to 2 o'clock in the morning The Kills ignited the stage for one hour. What a show!! They were afraid playing at that hour but the tent was packed and ready for them.

It was a perfect moment of comunion between band and audience. During Last Goodbye the song kicks off to soon be stoped by Alison because she spoted a a guy in front row knocked out. They stoped until it was said that everything was ok and he had been taken to medical care. Then she dedicated the song to him and the gig went on.

The band was on fire alongside with the crowd. Without a doubt one of the best live shows i have seen in all my life. Loved it loved it loved it.

Source: Zoom H2 (WAV - 44,10 kHz / 24 bit) rear mics
Recorded by: ziggyswoon


1.No Wow
2.Future Starts Slow
3.Heart is A Beating Drum
4.Kissy Kissy
7.Baby Says
8.Tape Song
9.Last Day of Magic
10.The Last Goodbye
11.Pots and Pans
12.Fuck the People
13.Monkey 23

Hope you enjoy the recording. Share but not over mp3 and please don't profit from it. Don't sell this.


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