Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Peter Burns: The Last Interview (MKV 720p)

The last interview and a review of the career of the late Peter Burns.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I do look forward to seeing this and I hope others who may only be familiar with one or two Pete's big radio hits will check this out as well as some of his early works. I was of a fan of much of his music, but only within the last 7 or 8 years did I become aware of his early goth-tinged tracks like "Flowers" and "I'm Falling." If you can find the 'Evolution" DVD, which came out alongside the CD anthology of the same name, it's worth it for the early TV Appearances and the fabulously camp Japam '87 concert. (Of course, there was also a massive box set released year, which contains the aforementioned videos, plus several much more across an 18CD/2DVD set. Just be sure sure you look for the repress of the 20 Disc set if you are so inclined as the initial pressings has some unfortunate errors.) Sorry for the lengthy comment, but I wanted to show my gratitude to the amazing "Misty" Circle for sharing this and also to honor Pete. He was a groundbreaking, unique & special talent, all the way around. And in light of these times, where we many of us still face prejudice (Trump eliminating June as Pride month shortly after somehow getting elected) and atrocities such as Orlando occur, we should never forget those brave mavericks, like Pete Burns who helped break barriers and open minds as they dared be themselves. Thanks again to Circle as always for a great share, and to Pete Burns. R.I.P (it Up!) xo