Sunday, 15 April 2018

RE-UPLOAD: The Cure - SO36, Berlin, Germany - 28.05.1980 (Flac)

Early concert from The Cure, sound is not excellent, but even so it's a very nice listen. It seems that this concert is not very circulated, at least the page for it on doesn't have much info on this recording. The version of Killing an Arab has the lyrics change to Killing Kevin Keegan, the football player...

Notes from

Robert Smith, Simon Gallup, Laurence Tolhurst, Matthieu Hartley

This concert is known as "28.05.1980 Berlin - Kant Kino" and "28.05.1980 Berlin - SO36".
According to the Kant Kino employee Beate it was not played at the Kant Kino.

The modification of 'killing an arab' to 'killing kevin keegan' caused most likely from Roberts football adoration. On 28.05.1980 the european football champions final was played in Madrid between the english club Nottingham Forest F.C. and the german club Hamburger SV.  The english player Kevin Keegan played for Hamburger SV these days, something Robert seems not to like ... at least that evening.

seventeen seconds
play for today
three imaginary boys
fire in cairo
in your house
10.15 saturday night
at night
jumping someone else's train
another journey by train
grinding halt
a forest   
Encore 1:
plastic passion
boys don't cry

Encore 2:
subway song
killing kevin keegan


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