Monday, 30 April 2018

The Cult - West Side Club, Lyon, France - 24.10.1984 (Flac)

Excellent SBD recording includes the soundcheck. Thanks to the original uloaer on Dime.

Original Info File:
Lineage : pre-FM master
master cassette tape (azimuth optimized) on Nakamichi DR-3 > SB live > Adobe audition (acquisition & edition) > Wav > Trader's Little Helper (level 8/SB aligned) > Flac files

Setlist :
01. Soundcheck (~25 min)
02. Christians
03. Dream Time
04. 83rd Dream
05. God's Zoo
06. Gimmick
07. Bad Medecine Waltz
08. Go West
09. Resurrection Joe
10. Hollow Man
11. She Sells Sanctuary
12. Horse Nation
13. Spirit Walker
14. Brother Grimm
15. Ghost Dance
16. God's Zoo (cut at the end....)

16 separate tracks
Total time : 89'41"

Notes (original):
This was the 58th upload of my concerts collection recorded in Lyon (France) between 1982-1990.
The Cult were recorded for Radio Bellevue at the West Side Club (Lyon) inside the famous Palais d'Hiver.
I was using a very basic system for recording: soundboard outputs + a couple of ambiance mikes (Sennheiser) standing in front of the scene, mixed with 4-tracks desk to a Sony TDC5M with
headphones on-the-fly.
LTC Contrast clause : better numerisation than the former one ... with a Nakamichi, it's a dream (merci Julien) !
I'm now sure that my tapes sound better and run at the right speed ... have had a lot of speed problems for some of my former LTC tapes

Artwork : no

Line up :
Ian Astbury : vocals
Billy Duffy : guitars
Jamie Stewart : bass
Nigel Preston : drums


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