Monday, 30 April 2018

RE-UPLOAD: Suicide - Ruinas do Carmo, Lisboa, Portugal - 08.09.1988 (Flac)

Thanks to BTT for sending me his recording to share here.

RIP Alan Vega

NOTES:This particular concert was very strange and it seemed more like a ritual than a conventinal gig. First of all, for those of you who don't know the place where it happened, it is a church (now monument) built in 1389, without ceiling but that survived the earthquake in 1755, hence the name Carmo Ruins, it's a very special place and I think it influenced the band, Alan reffer to it during the concert. Second, some members of the audience started annoying Alan Vega demanding that they played songs from the first album, you can hear them scream for Frankie Teardrop and Ghostrider, of course the result was the opposite, in his confrontational self, Alan started to answer them "Frankie's Dead", "Stop playing the punk" and when they actually played Ghostrider, he quickly changed the lyrics to Blue Suede Shoes, Ah, Ah, Ah! There goes the neighbourhood... Also, there were some technical and electrical problems, that made the concert stop two times, and that made the audience even more nervous, so the concert ended with a improvisation/catharsis of 10 minutes plus, during wich Alan jumped the stage and sang among/with the audience. You can hear it all in the recording, so enjoy!

The sound is very good, specially if you think that it's a tape with 21 years, recorded with a walkman (some SONY, do't remember wich one). Thanks to radiolux for the setlist.

Lineage: Master Tape -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac (Level 6)

Taper: BTT

1. Intro
2. Improvisation
3. Johnny
4. Cheree
5. Night Time is the Right Time
6. (electrical problems)
7. Jukebox Baby 96 / Be Bop A Lula
8. Day by Day (Cut due to changing side of the tape)
9. (technical problems, equipment jammed?)
10. Ghost Rider / Blue Suede Shoes
11. Dream Baby Dream
12. Born in the USA Medley

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