Monday, 13 July 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Sonic Youth - Brighton Beach, Brighton, UK - 05.05.1986 (MP3)

Someone asked the re-upload of this recording during the current SY flood on Dime. I only have this version in MP3, but here it is.

A rarity shared here by nashspacerocket.

In November 1985 sonic youth played a gig on brighton beach in England, it's known as "blood on  brighton beach' and one song from that show made it onto the 'walls have ears' bootleg. In May of 1986 they repeated this with That Petrol Emotion  as a support band, to promote the EVOL album. This gig is known as 'Son of blood on brighton beach'.

Lineage - my friend went down there to interview the band for a fanzine we were doing called Can't Be Beat. He took my Hitachi boombox and stood in the crowd and recorded the show on it. He then interviewed Steve Shelley, and Lee Renaldo later that evening, probably at the Zap Club but i can't be sure. I have left off the interview. This is a first generation copy i did back in 1986, cleaned up a little with Audacity. track one 'xpressway to yr skull' was a soundcheck, TPE played then SY came back on and played a short set.

01. Expressway to Your Skull (Soundcheck)
02. Marilyn Moor
03. Tom's Violence
04. Starpower
05. Shadow of a Doubt
06. Death To Our Friends
07. Secret Girl
08. Green Light



  1. Thanks a lot for sharing! Do you have this in lossless format as well? I would be interested in hearing the interview too ;-)

  2. Thank you for this. I was also at the gig and have been waiting to hear this ever since! My mate and I travelled a good few hours from north of London to get to this, but how could we not be there? Thoroughly enjoyed TPE as well. Was there an evening Zap Club gig as well? If so, we didn't go.

  3. Would be interested in the lossless version. thanks.