Monday, 13 July 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Brian Eno - Music For Pague (A Generative Music composition, 1998) FLAC

This is not the same  recording I had previously shared, I don't have any info on this and lost the previous version on the Hard Drive crash. This new version that was sent to me is 2x1 hour tracks, while the other version was just 1x1 hour track.

During the installation itself, the music played on 12 CD players on random shuffle and repeat modes.

More information about the installation, including a downloadable brochure, can be downloaded from here:



  1. Thanks for the re-up. The info/brochure link no longer works :(

  2. I was on the vernisage of the installation. Brian Eno signed me the leaflet for it.

    Thank you for re-up.