Friday, 26 October 2012

Laurie Anderson - Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre. London, UK - 03.08.2012 (Flac)

Very good sound. Thanks to the original uploader.

Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre
London, United Kingdom
Antony's Meltdown 1 - 12 August 2012

Audience recording
from Rear Stalls CC seat 20, close to centre

Core Sound Binaural Microphone Set -> Sony Hi-MD recorder, 44,1 kHz, 16 bit, recording mode Hi-SP
-> a Sony 1 GB HI-MiniDisc, ATRAC3plus, 256kbps -> track split
-> USB transfer -> MacOS X in .wav ->encoded w xACT -> .flac -> Dime -> You

CD 1 (46:43)
01 Violin Viola solo.flac
02 Recently I've been reading a book about evolution...flac
03 Violin Viola solo.flac
04 All that memories being what they are...flac
05 Last year on my 63rd birthday...flac
06 Ah that memories being what they are...w Fenway Bergamot.flac
07 First the bad news...flac w Fenway B and Laurie A
08 The progress bars at the bottom of...flac
09 A few weeks ago I went up to New Jersey...flac
10 Not the way we had to make it go...flac

CD 2 (40:52)
12 Violin Viola solo...flac
13 I always wonder what it...flac
14 A short song for pillow speaker...flac
15 Violin Viola solo...flac
16 One beautiful evening...flac
17 I always imagined that I...Fenway Bergamot.flac
18 Violin Viola solo...flac
19 As a child I spent a lot of time...flac
20 Violin Viola solo...flac
21 Encore, Flow...flac

Laurie Anderson lyrics, music, vocals, visual design,
one of a kind electric violin/viola, keyboard, samples, Fenway Bergamot

- Please Feel Free to Give and Trade this audience recording -
- though Not In Lossy Formats like mp3 and so on Please -

!!!And Never Ever Buy Nor Sell this audience recording!!!
Feel free to make artwork

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******** CD/DVD RELEASE JUNE 2010 **********
**************** HOMELAND ****************
from nonesuch records
thank you, enjoy and take care!

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