Sunday, 14 June 2015

Tom Waits - The Paradise Theatre, Boston, MA, USA - 05.10.1977 (Flac)

Beyond excellent FM capture. Thanks to the original poster on Dime.

Original Inffo File:

Source: WBCN FM Simulcast ->  Alan BershawÕs Reel Master @ 3.75ips

Transfer: Reel Master @ 3.75ips played back on original TEAC A-4010S recording deck (on January 5, 2012) -> Lexicon Lambda-> Logic (track indexing only, no processing whatsoever)-> 16/44.1 AIFF -> CD

Tom Waits: vocals, piano, guitar
Frank Vicari: tenor sax
Chip White: drums, vibes, percussion

Upright bass player on this tour, Danny Mann, is absent. This is an unusual trio configuration for the entire performance. Virtually flawless open reel master of the entire WBCN simulcast.

01 WBCN intro                    
02 Standing On The Corner           
03 Muriel                   
04 Invitation To The Blues          
05 Eggs And Sausage              
06 Pasties And A G String           
07 I Never Talk To Strangers           
08 Fumblin' With The Blues           
09 The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)       
10 Small Change                   
11 I Can't Wait To Get Off Work          
12 Bad Liver and A Broken Heart           
13 Step Right Up               
14 San Diego Serenade               
15 encore 1 cheering (w/DJ banter)       
16 A Sight For Sore Eyes           
17 encore 2 cheering (w/DJ banter)      
18 Big Joe And Phantom 309           
19 WBCN outro