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Ministry - House of Blues, San Diego, CA, USA - 21.07.2017

AmeriKKKant Pre-release Show. HUGE Thanks to mixter_ for sharing on Dime.

Original Info File:

"Live: Necro Comic-Con"
Taper: mixter_

Lineage / Equipment:

Location: 3' from rail - far right - 10' from right ceiling stack -> 6.5' h -> at933's (4.7k dt mod) cards -> naiant pipsqueak pre (+4dB)
-> sony pcm-m10 (24/48) -> san disk mobile ultra 16gb class 10 micro sd - 48mb/s -> reader -> audition 3.0 (moderate level adjust
+7dB l / +9dB r - fades - normalization - de-clap process) -> har-bal 2.3 (slight e.q.) -> audition 3.0 (dither to 16/44.1) ->
cd wave editor (track split) -> tlh (flac level 8, etc...) -> DIME -> you -> sense of enjoyment -> sharing is caring -> support
the artist (yes) -XX convert to mp3 (no!!!).

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01. Punch In The Face
02. Rio Grande Blood
03. Señor Peligro
04. LiesLiesLies
05. Antifa
06. Waiting
07. Worthless
08. Bad Blood
09. N.W.O.
10. Just One Fix
11. Thieves
12. So What
13. "Encore Break"
14. Psalm 69
15. Filth Pig



Al Jourgensen – Lead Vocals, Commentary, Megaphone, Additional Guitar on 08-10, Harmonica on 15.
John Bechdel -  Keyboards, Synthesizers
Sin Quirin - Guitars
Cesar Soto - Guitar, Vocals
Jason Christopher - Bass, Vocals
Thomas Holtgreve - Drums

Uncredited - Turntables

Performance / Recording Notes:

Uncle Al and Co make their way to San Diego. One of the epicenters for the underground industrial / goth scene of the late 80's.
Al (quite falsely) presumes that the audience is full of a bunch of Comic-Con "nerds" that wandered in off the street. He makes a few chidding comments throughout the show, only to conclude by the end of the show, that the audience was quite good. I'm not sure if we got a shorter set than the SLO show the following night because of this. Nevertheless, the band comes out swinging (quite
literally) with the one-two punch of "Punch in the Face" and "Rio Grande Blood" followed by "Señor Peligro" and "LiesLiesLies" before coming up for air. Al looks the best he's looked over the past ten years or so. The constant supply of "medicinal" marijuana in L.A. seems to agree with Al. He nursed a single 16 oz can of Miller Lite throughout the show. For those of you who think this may
have soften the edges or rounded the corners from the performance, would be sorely mistaken. He takes no prisoners here as he stalks the stage for some 80 minutes and turns in a performance that rivals Lolla II in 1992, sans the burning mosh pit. This recording should satisfy most.

This was my first time seeing Ministry since 2006's "MasterBaTour" with a reconstituted RevCo. When I saw $10 tickets pop up on StubHub, I was pretty fucking determined to see these guys again. The only issue was enduring a 230 mile roundtrip drive to downtown San Diego during Comic-Con. I took nearly three hours to get there in Friday traffic, but it was still worth the trip. I was a bit disappointed to not hear "Kyber Pass" and "Stigmata". Apparently Al hates the song (latter) now, although I haven't read his book yet.

A pretty solid pull off the right stack. A bit of EQ was performed to recover some of the bass that was a bit lacking over the wall of guitars. Minimal amount of crowd noise as to be expected from a stack tape for such a loud show. I had to declap some areas especially "So What" when a guy behind me decided to "contribute". On a side note, thanks for dialing back the strobelights, Al. When
I saw them 11 years ago, I had to stop watching the show. I didn't want to wind up on the floor with my wallet in my mouth.


The oldies: "N.W.O.", "Just One Fix", "So What", "Thieves" and "Psalm 69". The new track "Antifa" from the forthcoming "AmeriKKKant" complete with leather clad biker chicks swinging red and black flags around was pretty cool as well. Al pleads "WE ARE NOT SNOWFLAKES!"
If he's referring to millenials, as a whole, then I have to respectfully disagree. Still, enough of them left their safe spaces to come see the show. ;-)

The Debate:

I remmeber nearly 30 years ago, my cousin told me how much he liked Motley Crue because they were so fucking hardcore. Keep in mind, that this conversation took place years before "Hardcore", "Thrash", and "Death Metal" were in the common lexicon. Sure there were some speedy guitarists out there (Yngvie, anyone?) but nobody, I mean nobody, had a live show like "Ministry". The ferocity of punk combined with the wall of sound of industrial and heavy metal guitar riffs thrown in for good measure created something dark, sinister and foreboding. I told my cousin that the guys from Motley Crue were "pussies" or something to that effect. He said: "No way. These guys drink Jack and do a lotta coke and trash hotel rooms." I think I said, "I'm pretty sure that Zeppelin did all that shit 15 years ago."
"Besides if you're truly hardcore you don't wear pink scarves AND the guy from Ministry does speed and shoots heroin." I later said "Ministry performs behind a chain link fence in order to protect the audience." He said, "WHAAAAT???" I said, "Yeah, if you go to one of their shows, you still might get KILLED!" He said, "WOW! NO SHIT!!!" And so began the legend...

"And lets not forget his wild life and crazy antics (Al Jourgensen) that make Motley Crue look like school boys." - James Currie

Bill Burr weighs in (albeit late) on the debate...


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Please support the band by purchasing their forthcoming album AmeriKKKant, grab one of the few remaining copies of "Live - Necronomicon" or by going to see them on tour this fall...




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