Monday, 4 June 2012

Gang Of Four - Damaged Goods (ProShot DVD)

As promised to dace Sez, here's an excellent compilation of Gang of Four videos. Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

Ok, all you proles, here's the full version of the Go4 Rockpalast show, along with a few extras, all from the
"History of Damaged Goods" boot compilation. According to my research there is no commercially available video of Gang of Four, save for the performance from the film "Urgh! A Music War," which has been recently released on DVD. As such, that performance has been edited out. Additionally, my first upload of this torrent contained a clip from the old "Dance Fever" TV show in 1982, with the band performing "I Love a Man in Uniform." I foolishly failed to notice that this clip was not in fact a live performance, but a lip-synch to an edited version of the album release. I have removed that performance from the torrent for this re-upload. Sources, video and sound quality vary somewhat as they are from multiple VHS sources. The highlights certainly are the NYC and the Rockpalast shows. I will up some screenshots. We all know more or less what to expect from 80's VHS transfers--the NYC and Rockpalast performances are very watchable. Atlanta is a bit dark but not without reward; Whistle Test is on the lesser side, quality wise but worth a glimpse for fans. Overall, I doubt anyone will be disappointed.

AUDIO BITRATE : 256 kb/s
DAR : 4:3
Resolution: 720x480
VIDEO BITRATE : 10080 kb/s


Live in Atlanta--xx-xx-1980
1. Not Great Men
2. Anthrax
3. Damaged Goods

Live at Hurrah's, 31-Dec,1980
1. Damaged Goods
2. In The Ditch
3. It's Her Factory
4. Armalite Rifle
5. Wait For My Elevator
6. He'd Send In The Army

Live in London 1980 - from 'Urgh! A Music War'
1. He'd Send In The Army
I've removed this performance from the torrent. Pressing the menu button for this track will take you directly to the next performance. Just about a month ago, "Urgh! A Music War" was been made available commercially.,default,pd.html

The Go4 perfromance from 'Urgh!' can also be seen on Youtube in tolerable quality.

Live on "Dance Fever" 1982--Los Angeles
1. I Love a Man in Uniform
This performance has been removed from the torrent for reasons noted above. Pressing the menu button for this track will take you directly to the next performance.

Live on Old Grey Whistle Test 1982
1. Call Me Up
This is a live performance, no lip-synch or canned track.

Live on Rockpalast, 10-March,1983
1. We Live As We Dream Alone
2. The Republic
3. Not Great Men
4. Why Theory
5. Arabic
6. I Will Be A Good Boy
7. The History Of The World
8. I Love A Man In A Uniform
9. It Doesn't Matter
10. Paralysed
11. What We All Want
12. Independence
13. To Hell With Poverty
14. He'd Send In The Army
15. Call Me Up
16. World At Fault
17. At Home He Feels Like A Tourist
18. Natural's Not In It
19. Producer
20. Cheeseburger
21. Damaged Goods

Fellow Dimers, thanks for the encouragement to post this up. Extra thanks to Dimer MATLIN, without whom this may have never seen the light of Dime.
Great to see the flood of Go4 hereupon--let's keep it going.

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