Friday, 18 April 2014

The Sisters Of Mercy - Odeon, Munster, Germany - 01.09.1983 (Flac 24/96)

NOTE: The Date on the info file and folder is wrong, please correct after downloading.

Thanks to sleepchamber for sending this tape to rip.

Contrast Clause: There was a version of this concert uploaded by Cyberbio in 2008, this is a rip of a different more complete tape of the the same source, using different equipment and at a diferent bitrate.
Cyberbio noted that is tape wasn´t complete, missing Alice and Adrenochome. My tape mentions both songs in the cover, but actually only Alice is present..
One more song then, probably still not complete. My rip sounds similar to cyberbio, but with a little less tape hiss, so you can call it an upgrade.

Note: This recording has most of the tracks chopped by the recorder, so the order of the songs is probably not correct.

Lineage: Tape (unknown lineage) -> Audacity (24/96 transfer) -> FLAC 24/96

DCR010 - Transfer 01/2014


01. Burn
02. Valentine
03. Temple Of love
04. Alice
05. Body Electric
06. Kiss The Carpet
07. Heartland
08. Anaconda
09. Instrumental
10. Emma
11. Floorshow
12. Gimme Shelter
13. Sister Ray

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  1. Any chance you could post the Peter Hook - Hong Kong gig?

  2. Hi, are you sure about the date and the gig itself? I do not see this gig referenced anywhere (SOM wiki,...). Moreover on the previous day, they were playing in San Francisco.

    1. Your right, It's September not November... I corrected the title of the post but it's necessary to change the date after downloading. Sorry.