Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Sisters Of Mercy - Sportpaleis, Gent, Belgium - 16.05.1991 (Flac)

NOTE: By some stupid reason, the photos that were originally on the fileset are missing from the RAR file... To make up for that, I treated them in Photoshop (they're quite better now), and posted them in full resolution, please copy them to the recording folder after downloading.

Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

Tape received in my trading period from end 80's until mid 90's.

As shown on concert ticket I've included, this concert should have taken place on
15th November 1990 in Deinze, Het Brielpoort (an awful hall where acoustic does not exist...).
The concert was eventually cancelled and tickets remained valid. The new date was later
announced as 16th May 1991 and fortunately location was changed to Gent, Sportpaleis.

This is the only gig I saw in this venue and it was really OK regarding the sound but also the
configuration. People could access either the playground area (standing) or the balconeys (sitting),
but most insteresting was that between both, there was a velodrome. During "Vision Thing", Andrew
disappeared off the stage and started running, singing all along the velodrome with people going mad
and trying to approach the barriers along the velodrome where Andrew was standing. I could take
a picture of this particular moment and this is also included in the post, along with some others.
Be indulgent regarding the quality as this was taken with my old pocket cam.

Unknown recording equipment and it should be a lowgen copy.

Very good sound quality and I processed a slight hiss reduction + some fade in / out (several tape
or recording flips)

2 X Maxell UR60 > Pioneer Deck CT-W208R > Soundmax IDA > Cool Edit Pro > WAV > TLH > FLAC (Level 5)


01 Intro (Afterhours)
02 First & Last & Always
03 Lucretia My Reflection
04 Body And Soul
05 Possession
06 Ribbons
07 Alice
08 Dominion / Mother Russia
09 Amphetamine Logic
10 Detonation Boulevard
11 Marian
12 This Corrosion
13 Gimme Shelter
14 Flood II
15 Temple Of Love
16 (Audience)
17 Something Fast
18 Jolene
19 (Audience)
20 Valentine
21 Vision Thing

min 94:27



  1. Thanx i have this on dvd but never came across a flac audio before.

  2. Ey Amigo I've been looking for a long time for "Turn to Red" by Killing Joke.
    Can you PLEASE upload a album that has the song or just like the three songs from the "Turn to Red EP" (Turn to Red, Nervous System & Are You Receiving).

  3. oh.. OOH!... you just upload Live stuff... ok nevermind then about the Killing Joke comments, SORRY.