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Brian Eno & J. Peter Schwalm - Volcán del Cuervo, Lanzarote, Spain - 13.10.2001 (Flac)

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"BETWEEN US & IT" A performed installation of 4-D MUSIC

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Brian Eno and J. Peter Schwalm performed and improvised this live concert inside a volcano (Volcán del Cuervo) at the 2001 Lanzarote Festival. The performance started at 19:30 on the 13th October.

The concert was broadcast on German radio although Peter Schwalm's Interview segments have been omitted.

01. Part 1    23:14
02. Part 2    08:46
03. Part 3       13:38
      Total:    45:38

J. Peter Schwalm is a German DJ/ percussionist with whom Brian Eno collaborated on the 2001 album, Drawn From Life. They have also worked together on several other projects.

Brian Eno on playing with J. Peter Schwalm: "When we first played, it was an immediately comfortable and synthetic playing relationship. My biggest problem with improvising with people generally is that they retreat into a safe place too quickly for me, and he didn't do that. Sometimes we would get into rather a strange musical place, some emotion that hadn't really been felt before."

Brian Eno on J. Peter Schwalm's music: "Sometimes you hear something and think: "Now this is how the modern world feels to me". Peter's music is like that, capturing excitement and speed and ambiguity and even wistfulness and melancholy...A complex emotional palette which feels to me like real life."



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