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De Raggende Manne - Luxor, Arnhem, Netherlands - 06.11.1991 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:


VPRO's De Slag Om Arnhem     
(= The Battle for Arnhem)

lineage: FM > cassette > line-out > iRiver H320 > USB > PC > CD Wave > Flac
taping, transfering and seeding: _tunic_



01. intro
02. Zand
03. Ik Vind Je Leuk
04. Het Rijdt Niet
05. Vale Kop
06. Ik Zag Je Met Een Ander
07. Bruine Armen
08. Lullen Bij De Bus
09. Soms Gaat het Niet
10. Bloedeloos
11. band introduction / Beer in M'n Kop
12. Hij Moet Erin
13. Sodemieter Op
14. "lid worden"
15. Nee's Niks

Palli Gudmundsson - Drums, Vocals
Louis Ter Burg - Bass, Vocals
Theo Slagter - Guitar, Vocals
Bob Fosko - Vocals, Trumpet


This Slag Om Arnhem has nothing to do with WOII. This night was organized by VPRO to get more members. Because more members meant that they could get more time to broadcast on radio and TV. I think I became a member that night, and I still am. I vaguely recall that there were actually five bands playing, but I'm not really sure and have no idea who that fifth band might have been. Chances are high that I didn't like them and therefor didn't record it. But for sure these four bands were playing that night:
 1: The Groovy Happening Thing *
 2: Spo Dee O Dee
 3: De Raggende Manne
 4: Herman Brood & His Wild Romance *
* not the full sets: GHT is cut off by the broadcast, HB is cut off because the tape didn't run any further

Originally uploaded on: 27 April 2007
Reseeded on: 5 January 2012.
This time shared separately and including an updated info file and tags.
Reseeded once again on: 12 February 2014


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