Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The Buzzcocks - The Electric Circus, Manchester, England, UK - 02.10.1977 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

SDB > ? > Cassette > wav > flac
35:03 total minus 4:43 for the deletion of 'Time'Up'

01 Fast Cars   2:20
02 Fiction Romance   4:43
03 Boredom   2:55
04 Sixteen   3:25
05 You Turn Me Up   3:09 
06 Orgasm Addict   1:58
07 Pulsebeat   5:53
08 Love Battery   2:34
   >>> Time's Up *

Bonus cut from 'Whats On TV' Program from 1978, July the 21st
09 I Can't Control Myself   3:39

* Deleted due to inclusion the commercial release:
"Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus", released 1978, June the 16th

From Wiki:
"'Short Circuit: Live at the Electric Circus' is a compilation album of songs
recorded live at the Electric Circus, Manchester, on the 1st and 2 October 1977,
two concerts marking the last nights of the venue before it closed. Released by
Virgin Records in 1978, the album was originally only available on 10-inch blue,
black, and yellow vinyl.[2][3]
Joy Division performed under their original name Warsaw on the second night, but
the track was credited to Joy Division on the sleeve as they had changed their
name in January 1978.[4]
The album was reissued on CD in 1990 on the Blue Plate label.
The album was the debut release for The Fall; Joy Division self-released their
debut 7" An Ideal for Living just 13 days earlier, and all the other bands had
released debuts in 1977."

From the original uploader:
"Ok this is a little thing I found that I had encoded from a
tape I got in about 1982/3. It is a good soundboard recording
of the Buzzcocks at the last night of the legendary Electric
circus in manchester (or those who don't know it was the main
punk venue in manchester).The last track is from a TV program
which reunited the original line-up of the band."


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