Friday, 17 October 2014

RE-UPLOAD: Salvation - Marquee, Leeds, UK - 02.05.1986 (Flac)

Huge thanks to Egg_Crisis for sharing this Soundboard recording here, complete with some more rarities as bonus tracks.

01 Angel Pain (start missing)
02 Lady Faithe
03 The Puppet Master
04 Shattered Sky
05 The Unicorn
06 Jessica's Crime
07 The Answer
08 Spirit In The Sky
09 Thunderbird
10 The Shining
11 Listen To Her Heart
12 Lean Woman Blues

Total - 51:08

13 Teenage Kicks (Leeds Royal Park, 14th Feb 1986) (2:34)
14 Jessica's Crime (demo, produced by Wayne Hussey, 1985) (5:29)
15 Sea Of Dreams (unreleased Clash Of Dreams LP, 1984) (4:09)

Marquee was one of the former names of the Duchess Of York until London's Marquee threatened a lawsuit.

Tracks 1-4 were quiet in the left channel, then the levels slowly rose through tracks 5-7.  I don't know if it was always like this or if the tape has deteriorated over the years.  (Side B (tracks 8-12) was fine.)  I sorted out the uneven levels with normalisation.  For that reason you'll maybe notice more hiss in the left channel but this should lessen after a few songs, and it's barely noticeable during the songs anyway.  Maybe I'm over-critical. :)

Cassette (soundboard,low gen-probably 2nd or 3rd gen,TDK D60) > Soundforge(normalise uneven tracks in left channel) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

Bonus tracks:

Cassette (unknown gen, probably fairly low) > Adobe Audition(hiss reduction-light setting) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)~

Uploaded by Egg_Crisis for Dark Circle Room

Convert to mp3 for personal use only. Do not circulate in FLAC or WAV format without this info file.


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