Friday, 23 October 2015

Killing Joke - Larry's Hideaway, Toronto, Canada - 09.08.1982 (Flac)

Excellent audience recording. Thanks to the original uploader. The officially released tracks on "HA" have been removed.

Original Info File:

lineage:aiwa stereo mikes clip>SONY WALKMAN PRO>MAXELL XLII-S 90>PRO STUDIO GEAR (UNKNOWN)>CD>FLAC Frontend (level 8)

This is another trip in the time machine!!!  Old tapes dusted off a few years ago!  This master was transfered on CD about 9 years with the generous help of Martin Dupras a true Killing Joke authority (next to me of course!).  The second night of what was a killer show, this recording might have surfaced before in one form, shape or another...but this is my recording, I have the entire show but released tracks from the 10" EP "HA" have been removed.  One hot August night in this small Toronto club, everybody was standing on their chairs KJ gave quite a performance and the sound was amazing thanks to the late Conny Plank at the soundboard!  Lineage is fairly accurate except I can't remember the model number on the Aiwa mikes but I had Dolby off as you can hear a light hiss from the tape.  Feel the sweat, the intensity, one true great concert for the ages enjoy!
the usual suspects:

Jaz Coleman; Vocals, Keyboards
Geordie: Guitar
Big Paul Ferguson: Drums
Raven: Bass


2-The Hum
3-Fall of Because
4-Chop Chop
5-We Have Joy
6-Empire Song
11-The Wait
12-Birds of A Feather

total time: 46:55



  1. Replies
    1. Everybody was at this show.

  2. Does anybody have KJ shows from '94-'95, especially ones with Pleasures Of The Flesh as their setlist, always wanted to hear that live? Thanks!

  3. Just stumbled upon this while listening the HA! right now. No doubt this was a great show. I guess my only disappointment was the other night they played , "The Pandy's are Coming" was part of the setlist, and without a doubt my favorite off HA! I mean, if you have ever seen Killing Joke live you know very well they are easily one of the most ... sonic, energy, huge sound, bands you could ever hope to see. And for me, "The Pandy's are Coming" sounds as if it is one decibel away from bringing the walls down. And I would like to thank the author for the tidbit of info that Conny Plank was at the boards for those shows. That is incredible! I am always amazed by the fact that Conny produced or had a hand is working with just about every Krautrock band, most notably Kraftwerk. And then go from that to working with Killing Joke? Albeit for only one album, Revelations, but still! Conny simply kicked ass(RIP). OK, now time to download your recording if it is still available. Please please please be available. Some "New" Killing Joke to listen to is just what this guy needs. Download Complete - Thank You. You brought a smile to my face today. And now my ears are smiling too :-)