Friday, 30 October 2015

Necros - O'Banion's, Chicago, USA - 03.08.1981 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader.

Original Info File:

This is a blistering soundboard recording, unfortunately after Youth Camp/Better Never Than Late it degenerates into a vocals and guitar maelstrom.  Nevertheless it's a very good representation of this faboulous band.

I've had the tape since about 1982 so I think it's fairly low generation and although it appears on many trade lists I've never seen it on Dime, at least while I've been a member.  This is a  fresh remaster of that tape.


1.  (Tuning)
2.  I Hate My School
3.  (Tuning 2)
4.  Youth Camp
5.  Better Never Than Late
6.  Caste System
7.  (Tuning 3)
8.  Race Riot
9.  (Song Intro)
10. Public High School
11. (Tuning 4)
12. Sex Drive
13. Reject
14. (Tuning & False Start)
15. Wargame
16. IQ32
17. Past Comes Back To Haunt Me
18. Complete Show Unedited)

Linage: Unknown Generation Tape > Sony Soundforge > Convert to Flac (Swithchsound File Convertor) > Track Separation (Audacity) > Traders Little Helper.

Please share but keep as lossless!


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