Saturday, 17 October 2015

Danielle Dax - Heaven, London, UK - 04.03.1985 (Flac)

Thanks to Egg_Crisis for sending me this recording to share here.

Cassette(aud,unknown gen) > wav > Adobe Audition(noise reduction) > Soundforge(EQ) > CDWave(split on sector boundaries) > flac(6)

Cassette bought from one of the Camden Market sellers, early 90's

Compression averages at around .27 which is pretty small but that's because they're mono - I took the left channel and doubled it up because the right channel was muffled.


1. Ostrich
2. Hammerheads
3. Pariah
4. Fortune Cheats
5. Evil Honky Stomp
6. Here Come The Harvest Buns
7. Bed Caves
8. Tower Of Lies

Length: 29:31

Lineup: (an old torrent of a gig 5 weeks after this one gave this lineup so I assume it's the same for this gig)
Danielle Dax: Vocals, Synthesizers
David Knight: Synthesizers
Ian Sturgess: Bass, Percussion
Steve Reeves: Guitar
Martyn Watts: Drums


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