Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ari-Up & The True Warriors - Pat Duncan's Show, WFMU, USA - 08.05.2003 (MP3 256)

Thanks to Anon for sending me this recording to share here.

Original Archive Hosted By Pat Duncan 

Rebroadcast on Diane's Kamikaze Fun Machine Jan 11th 2011 

 1. Baby Mother
 2. True Warrior
 3. Kill Them With Love
 4. Love And Romance
 5. World Of Grownups
 6. Grapevine
 7. Bashment
 8. Intro
 9. FM
 10. Mi Done
 11. Baby Father
 12. New Town
 13. Allergic

Engineered by Diane Kamikaze Farris, who writes...

The only time I ever met Ari was at WFMU in 2003. Working with her on the broadcast from 582003 was playful, fun, and nerveracking at the same time. She seemed to live to break barriers, to always try new things- which sometimes in the studio could momentarily cause upset and consternation. I found myself saying more than once, what the hell is she doing In the broadcast itself, you can hear her own astonishment sometimes when it was time for another song. She choreographed every song and every move, even though it was radio. She went from 0 to 60 in less than a  half dubstep.

The True Warriors performance had been booked by Jen Klein who assisted Pat for quite some time, and Ari assumed I was Jen, and I didn't make the correction for her, and actually didn't realize it until the set was underway. There was a break in one song where she chanted Jen Klein, Pat Duncan and WFMU over and over again- all the while looking at Pat and I through the glass and smiling with a big thumbs up. She seemed pleased that she was including Pat and myself in the performance itself even though we were in the other half of the studio. It was evident that her heart was huge and it was all about creating her life from minute to minute. These recordings are a pretty great example of her vast energy and originality. -Diane Kamikaze

Split losslessly into tracks with Mp3DirectCut from webcast downloaded here:


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