Thursday, 10 March 2016

RE-UPLOAD: Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Peel Sessions 1982/1983 (Flac)

Excellent recordings, the sound of the band is much rawer than in the later versions recorded for the album. Another Summer induced madness post:) Thanks to the original uploader.

BBC Radio 1 FM broadcast > Pioneer tuner > unknown cassette deck > TDK SA-C90 cassette master >Cassette playback on Pioneer CT-S550S with azimuth correction > Sony JE530 A/D (44.1k) > Nomad JB3 > .wav > Adobe Audition > .wav > CDWAV > FLAC frontend > .flac files

John Peel Session 1982-11-24
First broadcast 1982-12-02

 1. The World Is My Oyster
 2. Krisco Kissess     
 3. Two Tribes          
 4. Disneyland             

John Peel  Session 1983-12-03
Maida Vale Studio 4
 1. Get It On    (Not included)  
 2. The Power Of Love
 3. Junk Funk       
 4. The Other Side Of Midnight

Line Up:
Holly Johnson : Vocals
Paul Rutherford : Vocals
Brian Nash : Guitar
Peter Gill : Drums
Mark O'Toole : Bass

frankie says


  1. "Want to help with expenses"?

    "Want to help the band with some expenses seeing as you are posting previously unavailable sessions that you don't own and giving them away for free?"



  2. You think so, Nasher? As a long-term BBC licence fee payer, I have personally contributed to the furnishment of the studio in which these songs were recorded, to the fees that band and producer were paid to record them, and to the equipment that Radio 1 used to broadcast them. If their release here upsets you so much why don't you get together with the rest of the band and release them officially? Oh, that's right, it'll never happen because you fell out over money and have hated each other for years. Too bad.