Tuesday, 29 March 2016

RE-UPLOAD: Killing Joke - Tenax, Firenze, Italy - 10.11.1983 (DVD)

Thanks to Maurizio 'Ratpie'. for sharing this first and to cEnda for sharing it here!

PAL dvd (52:32)
Qual: approx B-

This is a video I know very little about.
It is an amatorial, shot by the friend of an old friend (and, as such, it could well be something like a 2nd generation copy).
The video is dark and the first notes of nearly all the songs are cut, but the quality is not really THAT bad, especially given the age of this very early private recording).
Sometimes it shows the marks of the cassette's old age (since I got it soon after), but that's not so compromising as well...
At the following URL you may find a short movie clip of the show:

Unknown (but low) gen. VHS> DVD> Torrent
Audio - AC3, 48000Hz, 384 kbps
Video - MPEG2 PAL, 25 fps, 8828 kbps, pic 720x576
All the best from Italy.

01. Fall Of Because
02. Frenzy
03. Psyche
04. Tabazan
05. Sun Goes Down
06. We Have Joy
07. Song And Dance
08. Requiem
09. Empire Song
10. Wardance
11. Change
12. Complications
13. The Gathering
14. Wilfull Daze
15. Firedances


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