Thursday, 26 January 2017

Gene Loves Jezebel - Rock Garden, London, UK - 24.09.1982 (Flac)

For some strange reason Gene loves Jezebel's Kid jensen session is on the list of posts that have more reads this week (2 years after it was posted...) so here's another early GLJ for those interested.

Original Info File:

Lineage (M1): Tape Recorder (?) > TDK AD-C90 > Yamaha KX-393 Cassette Deck > QED Profile RCA to 3.5mm cable >
Edirol R-09 > Wav (16Bit/48Khz Downsample To 16/44.1) > Adobe Audition 3.1 (Edit start/finish, balance & normalise -1db) > TLH (wav to Flac (level 8)) >
Flac file > CD Wave 1.97 (for splitting tracks - flac 8) > Trader's Little Helper (create md5 / Torrent)

I have edited start/finishes, normalised (-1db) and balanced (Amp statistics - average RMS power) each Wav in Adobe Audition, no other process, straight conversion.


1. Screaming
2. Shaving My Neck
3. Stay Young
4. Undertaker
5. Lifting The Veil
6. Psychological Problems
7. Always The Same
8. Glad To Be Alive
-- Encore --
9. Stay Young

Early Gene Love Jezebel recorded in 1982 with with some rarer songs.
A definite M1 (1st generation) tape.



  1. This would have to be out first show..maybe not, but very early. Thank you. Michael Aston

  2. FYI, according to Michael Aston, this is actually a recording of a GLJ tribute band.

  3. thank you. love GLJ

  4. I'm pretty sure that this show is actually The Venue, London, 18th May 1982

  5. How do I get hold of a copy of that Kid Jensen session. I'm 99% sure it was me on bass. Thanks.