Tuesday, 23 February 2021

RE-UPLOAD: Head of David - Bay 63, London, UK - 07.05.1986 (MP3)


Still trying to find a lossless version of this one. It's quite difficult to find recordings of this band, so thanks to the original uploader and to cEnda for sending me the files to share here. If someone can complete the setlist it would be great. Average sound.


---fade in
01 Snuff Rider M.C. (cut)*
02 Rocket USA (Suicide Cover)
03 Shadow Hills California
04 Joyride Burning X
05 --tuning/guitar solo
---edited out some tape pausing
---fade in
06 Newly Shaven Saint (cut)*
07 I'll Fall At Your Feet
---fade out

--the set may not have ended there
--this is all thats on the tape...

* opening few bars missing???
Time: 26m 32s





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