Saturday, 6 February 2021

Siouxsie And The Banshees - The Roxy, London, UK - 26.03.1977 (Flac)



Good sounding piece of history. Thanks to the original uploader.

 Original Info File:

This is Siouxsie's 5th gig!  (or the 4th gig with this lineup).

Don Lett's "The Punk Rock Movie" features clips from 2 different Roxy shows, not this one.
For the record, that movie features Bad Shape from 1977.04.23 (also i compared it and it is
indeed a different performance), and it also features Carcass from 1977.07.21.

01. Captain Scarlet
02. Scrapheap
03. Psychic
04. 20th Century Boy
05. Bad Shape
06. Love In A Void
07. The Lord's Prayer

length: 23:53

Lineup: Siouxsie - vocals, Steve Severin - bass, Kenny Morris - drums, P.T.Fenton - guitar

cass(aud,2nd gen)->wav->adobe audition(noise reduction*)->soundforge(eq**)->CDWave(split on sector boundaries)->flac(6)

* noise reduction-capture profile on a bit of hiss at the start of the tape before the recording started
** eq to brighten up the vocals and to try to reduce some of the distorted bass, I just used the right channel as it was much better than the left. the original tape had got stopped during bad shape but only 1 to 2 sec were missing, I pasted in a piece from earlier in the song to cover it. Removed a glitch from near the end of 20thCBoy. speed correction


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