Saturday, 6 February 2021

RE-UPLOAD: The Gun Club - Vinavil Club, Imola, Italy - 28.11.1983 (Flac)


As requested. Sound is good, but there's a lot of songs ommited because they're in a semi-oficial release.

Original Info File:

Jeffrey Lee Pierce: vocal, guitar
Kid Congo Powers: guitar
Patricia Morrison: bass
Terry Graham: drums


xx    Lost Highway (9:08)
02    Moonlight Motel (3:11)*
03    Bad Indian (2:41)
04    Black Train (3:05)
05    Bad America (5:55)
06    Walkin' With The Beast (4:36)
07/08 Preachin' The Blues (4:11/1:50)
09    Sleeping In Blood City (4:09) **
xx    Fire Of Love (2:18)
xx    Death Party (4:47/2:04) (1 drop in track 11)
xx    For The Love Of Ivy (6:33)
xx    A Love Supreme (8:55/2:26)

Pretty good audience recording from master. Originally posted by 38f. in 2006.
Lineage: Master cassette > behringer ultra curve pro deq 2496 equalizer > tascam cdrw750 > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

This one needed some changes, unfortunately.

xx = released on semi-legal LP 'Love Supreme' and except 'A Love Supreme' also released on semi-legal LP 'Death Party' (this one has nothing to do with the official 'Death Party' release).

* Last 11 seconds from track01 merged to track02 as the song already started there (3:22 now).
** Last seconds of this track deleted as 'Fire of Love' already started there (4:01 left).

Additional checksum (MD 5) added.


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