Saturday, 6 February 2021

RE-UPLOAD: The Garden of Delight - The Final Gig - 1997 (ProShot DVD)


Not to be confused with the DVD "The Last Concert". This one is the last concert of the original line-up of The Garden of Delight, wich included Adrian Hates from Diary of Dreams on bass. This was a VHS only release that seems unlikely to ever be official released in DVD. This is a rip of my friend's Whitey original tape, but the sound is in mono, since I didn't own a stereo VHS player at the time...


1. Interview + Live (17/5/1997 Wave Gotik Treffen,Leipzig & 23/7/1997 Planet,Bochum)  
   The Seal
   Paradise Will Be There
   The Circle Will Be Close Forever

2. Last Gig In Derby,England 27/10/1997  
   Necromanteion (S.O.C.R.)
   Death Chant
   Spirit Invocation
   Open The Gates Of Universe
   Shared Creation
   Levitation (SunGOD)

   Running Time : 59 mins




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