Friday, 12 February 2021

UPGRADE: Einsturzende Neubauten - "Berlin Atonal" Festival, SO 36 Club, Berlin, Germany - 28.11.1982 (2 Versions Flac + MP3 )


Thanks to Bodhi Amol for sharing his rip. This was my first EN post in the blog, but it was an unknown generation tape rip in MP3, so this is a great upgrade in quality. Upgrade 2. Includes now a SBD version of half the concert in soundboard quality.

 Version 1:

Officially sanctioned cassette by bootleg ‘(π+RQ-J6) Tape Production‘
label from Berlin in bronze cover with graphics and lyrical fragments by Singer and Guitarrist Blixa Bargeld.

Very good recording quality, better than most audience recordings!
My own transfer from Original Tape to PC with Audacity in 2015....

Set List:
01.Untitled (Intro)
02.Halber Mensch
04.Spaltung (aka "Armenisch Bitter")
05.Zum Tier machen
08.Stimme frisst Feuer
09.Wer sagt dass es Krieg ist?
10.Durstiges Tier (Encore)
11.Schwarz (Encore)

Version 2

Half of the concert in SBD quality from official Cassette Sampler ''Berlin Atonal - Jenseits des Gleichgewichts" (translating as "Beyond Balance") from the Berlin Anarcho-Hippy Book+Cassette Label "Stechapfel" (means Datura),dedicating one third of their 90 min  to Neubauten in two continous tracks on Side A and B of the cassette.

A09 Einstürzende Neubauten_Halber Mensch--Fleisch+Blut, Haut + Knochen--Der Herrscher und der Sieger   - (Edited, 5 minutes shorter than on audience tape!)

B02 Einstürzende Neubauten_Stimme Frisst Feuer--Wer sagt dass es ist Krieg ist--Durstiges Tier--Schwarz  (In the two minutes of waiting for encore, before a purring cat and bubbling water is superimposed on the audience-noises)
I once had this cassette with nice sandpaper front artwork, but can't find it anymore.The files in 320kbps MP3 i can share here, thanks to the blog "No Longer Forgotten Music", who shared a rip of the whole cassette and made it available again after i asked for it!

EN281182SO36 Version 1

EN281182SO36 Version 2 


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