Thursday, 15 May 2014

PJ Harvey - MBE Session, Santa Monica, California, USA - 23.09.1993 (Flac)

Thanks to the original uploader:

Original Info File:

Track list:
1. Interview 1 (1:58)
2. Rid Of Me (3:05)
3. Interview 2 (3:58)
4. Dress (2:59)
5. Interview 3 (3:04)
6. Legs (4:03)
Total time: 19:07

Lineage: ? > CDR > EAC > flac frontend > flac level 8

Another one for the "On the Radio" Series...

There have been a couple of other versions seeded, both of which seem to omit "Legs" and add the studio version of "Highway 61 revisited" (in the description at least).  Perhaps they were sourced from a later rebroadcast.  This is sourced from the "Modern Rock Live" bootleg (  The sound quality is slightly inferior to the previously seeded version, rawer and less immediate & rich.  However, the volume has not been normalised (as with the other one), so, for example, the louder parts of "Rid of me" have a genuine contrast and give a better sense of the upping of tempo & urgency, with the guitar sounding much stronger."


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