Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Chameleons Vox - Sala Arena, Madrid, Spain - 01.05.2014 (24/96 Flac)

And a second treat from dtsom posted today (HUGE THANKS). Excellent performance of the entire "Script Of The Bridge" Album.

Taper: D.E.

Gear: roland r05- church audio 9100- ca11 cards
Don't Fall
Here Today
Second Skin
Up the Down Escalator
Less Than Human
Pleasure and Pain
Thursday's Child
As High As You Can Go
A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days
Paper Tigers
View From a Hill
Swamp Thing
Perfume Garden
Singing Rule Britannia (While the Walls Close In)
Return of the Roughnecks

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  1. Seriously??? Is it possible to use another download site then Mega??? It is the worst I've ever used. I have to try 40 times before I can get one file to completely download. Freezes up anywhere from 6% to 99%. Nearly impossible to use.

    1. Use Firefox or Chrome. It works fine with those browsers and it's almost impossible to use with Opera or Explorer.

      Mega is simply the best file hoster these days for free users, no waiting time, no download restrictions, no captchas (if you use Firefox or Chrome).

      It also the most user friendly for the uploaders and the fastest to upload. I'm sorry if it works badly for you but it will continue to be the choice for uploads here. Specially after our Filefactory premium account reached it's storage limit.