Friday, 6 November 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Gene Loves Jezebel - David 'Kid' Jensen Session - 30.06.1983 (Flac)


A re-upload request by Julianne Regan herself, it seems it's her on the bass guitar on this session, wich in itself alone is worth the download. Thanks to the original uploader,

Original Info File:

TB AM 2448 Master

Recorded from squelchy medium wave radio (that's what the Beeb broadcast pre-Peel R1 on during those days) here's the debut radio session for goths Gene Loves Jezebel. There was a subsequent Peel session on FM in September 1983 but this was commercially released. The Jensen session never has been.

1. Bruises
2. Upstairs
3. Scheming

Lineage: BBC Radio 1 AM Show - FM Mast Aerial - Technics individual stereo system - Cassette Tape - Yamaha RX-393 Cassette Deck - Edirol R-09 - Adobe Audition 3.1 - TLC - Flac - File Transfer - TLH - WAV - Cool Pro (splits and tags) - TLH - FLAC

Thanks to TB for taping back when it really mattered.



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