Saturday, 21 November 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Pink Turns Blue - Madrigal, Oelde, Germany - 20.09.1991 (Flac)


Very good recording. Thanks to Greener for sharing on Dime.


1. The Gods Are Smiling
2. Christian Chemistry
3. Seven Years
4. Catholic Sunday
5. Christ Creeps
6. Taufen
7. Identity House
8. Michelle (cut/tape flip)
9. S.Day
10. Moon
11. Aerdt
12. Waiting For the Son
13. Your Master Is Calling
14. Walking On Both Sides
15. Missing You

Source: Soundboard>unknown gen Maxell XL II-S 90 tape (bought on a record fair sometime in the early 90s):>playback on Onkyo TA 2520>TEAC CD-RW 890>Taiyo-Yuden Audio CD-R>EAC(secure mode)>Traders Little Helper>FLAC

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