Friday, 13 November 2020

The Shamen - On TV (ProShot DVD)




Very good DVD. Thanks to TravisBickle1963 for sending me the original videos to post here.

Lineage: TV broadcast -> VHS (unknown)-> Panasonic NV-HS860 -> EZCAP With Arcsoft Showbiz -> MPG -> DVDStyler -> DVD


Dance Daze - 09.11.1990 - 7m10s
- Make it Mine
- Progen

Top Of The Pops - xx.xx.1991 - 3m06s

MTV 120 Minutes Special - xx.xx.1991 - 15m49s
Interview including incomplete promo videos
-Cristopher Mayhew Says
-Jesus Loves America
-Knature Of A Girl
-You And me And Everything
-Omega Amigo

Total Time: 26m05s

Do Not Sell!





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