Monday, 7 December 2020

RE-UPLOAD: Dawn After Dark - Vinyl Collection 1988-1989 (MP3)

A new gift from RobH, he sent us the link for his vinyl rips of Dawn After dark's only 3 vinyl releases. The first EP was alreadu«y in the blog in Flac, but the other 2 are still very difficult to find nowadays.

Crystal High / See-Rap EP (1988)

A1     Crystal High    
A2     Ghetto Gods & Go Go Gurus    
B1     See-Rap    
B2     To Kill A Friendship

Maximum Overdrive (1989)

A     Maximum Overdrive    
B1     Let Me Touch    
B2     Dreamstress

The Groove (1989)


A     The Groove
B1     No Shame
B2     Is There Time?





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  1. The band are currently in the studio recording an album!