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RE-UPLOAD: Peter Hook's The Light performing Unknown Pleasures - The Music Box, Los Angeles - 11.12.2010 (Flac)


The last date of the american tour of Peter Hook' The Light, setlist consist of Unknown Pleasures plus the JD singles. Very good sound. Thank to the taper for sharing his recording.

Original Info file:

Enthusiastic crowd with a good mix of youngsters and oldsters.
Fantastic recording that clearly reveals when Hooky passed off lead bass duties with a nod to son Jack as I was positioned in front of Hook's bass cabinet whereas Jack's bass was elsewhere and not as pronounced from my vantage point.

Highlight for this taper was version of I Remember Nothing which had an inspired feel of madness compared to other 2010 performances. Perry Farrell danced around like a little kid and thoroughly enjoyed himself while singing Transmission.

For a moment during Ceremony I thought the Hookmeister was gonna have a heart attack as he backed off, grabbed his chest and had to have a swallow of something. But alas, he recovered and we'll no doubt see Closer tour next year. Enjoy it for what it was.

audience master recording by bcingyou
recorded 6 feet from stage, 3 feet right of center
M-Audio MicrotrackII+Sony ECM990F>WAV(44.1 sample rate/16bit)>
CD Wave Editor track split>FLAC level 8>Trader's Little Helper

01. No Love Lost
02. Leaders Of Men
03. Glass
04. Digital
05. Disorder
06. Day Of The Lords
07. Candidate
08. Insight
09. New Dawn Fades
10. She's Lost Control
11. Shadowplay
12. Wilderness
13. Interzone
14. I Remember Nothing


15. Transmission (Perry Farrell on vocals)
16. Love Will Tear Us Apart

2nd encore:

17. Atmosphere
18. Ceremony











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