Thursday, 25 March 2021

Wall of Voodoo - Madame Wong's, Hollywood, CA, USA - 03.10.1987 (Flac)


Excellent sounfing recording. 

Original Info File: 

(Andy Prieboy era)

Source: soundboard recording > ? > CD received in trade > extracted via iTunes > FLAC > you!

Sound quality: A

Confirmed lossless using Audacity

Track list:

1. When the Lights Go Out
2. Red Light
3. Love is a Happy Thing
4. Country of Man
5. Blackboard Sky
6. Hollywood the Second Time
7. Wolf Pussy (improv)
8. Shouldn't Have Given Him a Gun For Christmas
9. Room With a View / Drinking and Driving is OK (improv)
10. Far Side of Crazy
11. A Lot of Shit (improv) / Ain't My Day
12. Do It Again
13. Mexican Radio
14. The Grass is Greener

This is my best-sounding recording of a "Happy Planet" era Wall of Voodoo show - it's certainly recorded from the
soundboard, and the lack of tape hiss makes me think that this was originally transferred to CD from a
low-generation source.  The mix is really weird for the first minute of "When the Lights Go Out", but it evens
out from there.


Of note:

- There are three "improv" style songs in the set - these weird one-off songs were a hallmark of the Andy Prieboy

- Although it wasn't officially released for several more years, "Shouldn't Have Given Him a Gun For
Christmas" sounds surprisingly similar to the studio version.  Andy even sings the snippet of the drunken
"O Tannenbaum" that was sampled from another source in the studio version.

- "Mexican Radio" is performed in its traditional version, as opposed to the "heavy metal" aka "boogie" version
that the band often played during this era.



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