Monday, 14 September 2015

RE-UPLOAD: The Young Gods - Studio 15, RSR Studios , Lausanne, Switzerland - 16.11.2010 (Flac)

This one is too good to pass. Excellent sound. Huge Thanks to zionpower for sharing this one over at DIME.

Pre-FM recording->CDR->extract->.flac

This is not the broadcast, but the raw file from the radio archive of the concert recording. That is why the interview at the beginnig sounds very distant (captured by the concert mics and NOT the radio mixing desk)

No need to say, the sound is absolutely stellar, with no FM compression or anything.
Moreover, the last song, Kissing the Sun, was not broadcasted! So this is the first time it is publicaly available.

This is one of the very first shows with 4th members, Vincent Hänni. (or is it THE first?)


Listen, Seed and Dance (but never ever sell.....)


1. interview
2. sirius business
3. blooming
4. no land's man
5. supersonic
6. about time
7. mister sunshine
8. tenter le grillage
9. everythere
10. once again
11. skinflowers
12. kissing the sun!6JgRET5S!ouLaupd6uSEYoK4eQb6n7Fcmx0CKS8vgNAr-swgGVGU

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